For the past 4-5 years, Pixel Hunt has gone through some interesting times. An initial burst of excitement as a free e-zine and then the creation of the website. This managed to swirl about it many talented writers and creators who put in amazing levels of effort to boost Pixel Hunt up as a trusted platform for honest and entertaining critique.

Pixel Hunt has ebbed and flowed in its potential and popularity, always respected if not able to enjoy thousands upon thousands of daily readers. We made a tight audience for ourselves comprised of some of the most respected people in our industry. And we did it all for free, without any allegiance to PR or publishing demands.

As the captain of this small but focused ship, I have found myself responsible for the vessel’s aimless meanderings of late. Work on the mag and the site has not given me that same buzz as before. It’s become something of a chore. This is not a comment on the work of our contributors at all – which has always been excellent – more a reflection on my own aspirations.

When I started freelance games writing, it was a melding of two convenient passions whilst I enjoyed an abundance of government-funded university years: spare time and videogames. I never imagined it would lead to the opportunities I’ve had. However, my true passion – ever since Year 6, sitting in the library with my best friend Ryan, creating derivative choose-your-own-adventure fiction closely modelled on Fighting Fantasy (somewhat incredibly, my coverage of games led to meeting and interviewing my boyhood writing hero, Ian Livingstone) – has always been fiction. At 33, I feel it’s time that I devote myself as fully as I can to realising my dream of becoming a published author and chasing that deeply elusive career path.

With this in mind, I have decided to close down Pixel Hunt as a website entity. The magazine and (hopefully) the podcast should continue to exist, operating beneath the very capable direction of Patrick and Tim & Ken, respectively. In all likelihood, I’ll be loosely involved in both – and I still intend to continue the odd bit of freelancing (you can’t totally shut me up about games!).

I want Pixel Hunt’s end to be celebratory rather than sad, so we are looking towards the launch of Pixel Hunt Issue 20 and the 100th episode of the PixelCast. I think you can agree that both of these are milestones to be deeply proud of.

I thank all of the writers and readers for making Pixel Hunt a collaborative pleasure to work on. I look forward to reaching you in new ways, through new stories and worlds.

Dylan Burns


TWITTER: @PixelHunt